The collection of scientific works of Georgian International University has been published annually since 2023. Scientific fields and directions of the collection include: law, economics, social sciences and humanities.

Topics to be covered in the journal include:

Law sciences, science of economics, humanities and social sciences. The Journals is publiashed once a year in Georgian and English languages.

Peer-review process

Submitted scientific papers undergo reviewing. A blind review process is used: personal data of the author (authors) is not revealed to the reviewer; personal data of the reviewer is not revealed to the author (authors). Submitted scientific papers undergo initial control of completeness and correctness of their formation and compliance with the requirements posted on the website. The term of reviewing is 5-10 days from the moment of obtaining paper by the reviewer.

Publication Ethics
Requirements for the review execution

Review process stages:
compliance of contents of the paper with the name of the announced subject; compliance of proposed paper with modern achievements of a scientific-theoretical thought; style, arrangements of material, existence of tables, drawings, etc.; feasibility of the publication of the paper taking into account the existing publications on this subject; lack of loans from works of other investigators without appropriate reference; We ask reviewers to specify if: The scientific article is recommended for the publication The scientific article is recommended for the publication only after completion (specify on what points and the recommendation of the reviewer) The scientific article is not recommended for the publication (please, specify for what reasons) The final decision on expediency of the publication is made by edition. Originals of reviews are stored in editorial office of the Scientific Proceedings of Georgian International University

Publication Ethics

Materials are reviewed by members of the Editorial Board members, following the principle of objectivity and from the position of high international academic quality standards. Edition of the scientific publication reserves the right to reject the manuscript which does not conform to the requirements. Authors bear responsibility for information reliability in the articles, the accuracy of names, statistical data, surnames and quotes. The Editorial Board reserves the right for insignificant literary editing maintaining author's style. The presented materials are not returned and cannot be printed in other scientific magazines. The authors of the presented materials bear responsibility in case of plagiarism.