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Givi Lobzhanidze
Zoia Adamia


Concordat is an international agreemnet made between two states, one of them is Vatican - the holly place leadered by the pope of Rome and the second one is – the state authorities managing the relations with the catholic church. Also its conception and target is to define interests with persons, institutions and the church property.
The concordat deals with the foreign and domestic matters which is the field of interests between the both parties.
The concordat with its contemporary meaning is the same as the constitutional agreemnet meaning the relations between the christian church and the state.
Based on the Georgian Constitution we have the freedom of belief meaning that this conception contains both the Georgia’s citizens and generally the persons interests belonging to any religious community.
The agreement between the state and church made caused some misunderstanding. Some people clamed that it was a discriminative action towards the other religious groups and their belief, that of course, was not right.
Based on the Georgian Constitution, we come across the freedom of religious belief including Georgians and representatives of the other nations.
Our country has always been tolerant towards the other nations from the historical period, sience the very ancient times, for example, David Agmashenebeli period up to nowadays.

Concordat, international agreement, Vatican, Holy See
Published: Dec 6, 2023

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