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Davit Zhuzhniashvili


This study aimed to investigate the effects of a particular intervention on a specific population.
In contemporary circumstances, significant emphasis is placed on matters of statistics. This phenomenon is particularly apparent when applying novel strategies that impact the inhabitants of our nation. Statistical analysis makes it possible to administer the economy within a probabilistic framework proficiently.
One notable characteristic of the present era is the heightened emphasis on statistical data on a global scale. In our nation, there is a heightened focus on deploying innovative measures across several domains that pertain to the interests of a significant portion of the population. Statistical knowledge enables efficient management of the economy by leveraging statistical regularities within a probabilistic context.
The study of business statistics is essential for individuals who have chosen to pursue careers in entrepreneurship or management. This field encompasses analyzing and predicting situations, quantitative evaluation, economic calculations, and providing information and statistics for business, management, and marketing in various sectors of the socioeconomic landscape.
In contemporary times, the primary objective of statistics is to accurately represent the patterns and patterns of growth within the market economy, both on a macro and micro scale. This discipline serves as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and managers, equipping them with a toolset to identify the most advantageous course of action in terms of commercial operations and production management. Additionally, statistics aids in providing crucial insights into the competitive landscape, facilitating the organization of data banks and marketing research models, among other applications. Please maintain silence.

probable, Innovative, Effective, socio-economic, competitive
Published: Dec 6, 2023

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