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Gvantsa Mghvdeladze


The new management method -,,Mission Command‘‘ has been actively introduced since 2016- 2017 in the Defense Force of Georgia. The introduction of this method was result of the complex and unpredictable nature of the military conflicts/wars, that occurred in the recent history of Georgia and so in the world. The principle of Mission Command is that’s using of it supports friendly forces gaining, and maintaining of an advantage over a great number of adversary in extremely difficult terrain. „The Mission Command is the method of management that effectively provides the support for complex military operations in the process of responding to threats facing the country“.
The terminological expression Mission Command (Geo. ამოცანით მართვა) is also newly established in the defense forces of Georgia. Also is can be translated from English in many ways, the best term was considered as ,,Mission Command‘‘ (ამოცანით მართვა).

Mission Command, Doctrine Publication, New method of management, Terminology
Published: Dec 6, 2023

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